Tips for getting lost at the Street in Tokyo trip ― today, I change this blog title to "Where is Tokyo?"

Tips for getting lost at the Street in Tokyo trip

① You had better to get lost.
② When you get lost, it's better to ask the way to the people who live.
③ You had better rely on residents and passers-by. Trying to question the shops and attractions of recommended further in the neighborhood.

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When I travel to the town, I always get lost intentionally.

Away from the station and the main street, go into the residential area,
"When I went down this road, where it will come out." "This alley is interesting."
I like to walk exercising intuition and curiosity.

Of course I'll get lost.
I'll try to ask the direction of the train station and bus stops to residents and passers.
In addition, I ask also about the local cuisine and attractions of the land.

Then, I managed to communicate with local residents. Knowing the charm that is not listed in the guide book, I think "someday go again."

At a location remote from the day-to-day safety zone, in a place of people,

my feet tired, i become hungry, will be anxiety.
I'm tired of stupidity.
Still, I would not change my style of Journey.

Because, for the purpose of the journey, I considered as follows.
The best part of the trip is to re-recognize my weakness, is amused. and, I am aware of my wild feeling.

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A lot of people, have a guide book, or join the group tour.
Everyone is thinking, "I want to travel safely, I do not want to delay in travel time." I also feel so.

If even astray, but I want to know the culture and lifestyle,
I also faced the problem "until the departure time, should go to the station."

Still, I would get lost. I'm not satisfied with the safe tourist destination tour planned.

So in this blog, This blog will continue to introduce the neighborhood, the following.
  • Fun-wandering around the town, neighborhood of the tolerant atmosphere in communication with travelers
  • introduce the recommended neighborhood.― It's fun to get lost, and easier to find transportation.

I think, Japanese are friendly, questions from tourists.

It's difficult to speak in English for us, but, I think many of Japanese would like somehow to help.

By all means, please astray in Japan, and you become lost in your inner face.
Encounter a lot of Japanese, please find your own that you do not know.

And please find, you not only know Japanese charm and beautiful landscape.

The matter of the title of this article,

I wrote this blog, I noticed and do not know anything about Tokyo.
Writing articles, I also want to re-discover Tokyo.

So, today, changing this blog title to "Where is Tokyo?".

(Always I'm sorry the English poor!)

↓↓ Japanese translation in the following :日本語訳はこちら ↓↓


① 旅行ではなるべく、道に迷おう。
② 困ったときは、住んでいる人に道を訪ねよう。
③ なるべく誰かに頼ったり、ご厚意に甘えよう。ついでに周辺のおすすめのお店や名所を聞いてみよう。





日常の安全地帯からはなれた場所で、田舎だと人通りの少ない場所まで来て、空腹になっても飲食店が見つからない、足は疲れるし、心もなえるようなことにもなります。 効率の悪さ、自分の機転の利かなさに困惑し、くたびれてしまったりもします。それでも、私はこの自分の旅のスタイルをやめません。






  • 迷子になってうろうろすると面白い街、旅人の質問にも寛容な空気を持つ界隈
  • 上手に道に迷うための、交通との距離の取り方






というわけで今日より、このブログタイトルを「Where is Tokyo?」にします。

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