About d47Museum : There's Japanese Unique Traditional Crafts and Spedific Foods

"d47 MUSEUM" on the 8th Floor of Shibuya Hikarie.

The Shibuya Station direct connection "Hikarie", there is a museum.
the d47 Museum introduce Japanese traditional crafts.
In Addition, in the adjoining shop, you can buy the exhibit and crafts collected from all over Japan.
In the dining room on the same floor, you can eat the dishes using local specialty ingredients.

Exhibition of the province

I watched "the Gifu Exihibition".
This exihibition, has been carried out up to April 24.

Now, The Hands To Make The New Culture of Japan is a Local.

In fact, now, the local movement is hot in Japan.
Re-recognize the activities of the goodness of traditional Japanese crafts and industry has spread.
It's featured in TV broadcasting and magazines and web.
In Tokyo, the increasing number of restaurants and Izakaya to introduce a local special products.
Urban shops representing remote rural products and produces has also increased.

Rural crafts and products of Japan, is most made by hand. Therefore, consumers are aware of the unique culture, the manufacturer's spirit.

I want to come to watch the specific unique crafts.


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