pray for Kumamoto : Spread support activities of Kumamoto earthqueke

Cheer to buy ! - So Long Line !

I went to "Ginza Kumamoto Museum" !
Lineup of this museum, all Kumamoto specialty products.

On April 14, a large earthquake occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu.
Many shoppers were lined to cheer buy specialty products.
Shoppers flocked to the store, took restrictions on visiting.

Kumamoto earthquake victims suffer in difficult living conditions: Channel News Asia

Questions and answers: The Kumamoto earthquakes: Japan Times



there is a shop that sells each prefecture of specialty products in Ginza.
Such stores in Japan, referred to as "Antenna shop".
It's summarized in the map.
Ginza neighborhood, Yurakucho and Nihonbashi, etc. There were 29 places.


Widespread Support from overseas.

This link For people who want to donations from abroad.
You can read the English description.
Already 390,000 people have been fund-raising 300 million yen.


【Yahoo! Fund】Emergency Fund Raising for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes

shiori sato

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