Shopping Guide SHIBUYA : 4 shop spot to go in shibuya.

Shopping Guide SHIBUYA : 4 shopping district to go in shibuya.

Shibuya's unfinished town. People gather in search of stimulus.
Everybody loves the new ones.
So, fashion franchise chains, drug stores, electronics stores are opening competing.
Introduce a typical shopping street in Shibuya. ( As of 2016.4.10. From time to time update. )

1. Center Gai : センター街 clothes and shoes and the drugstore and karaoke and burger shop and the fried chicken and noodles.

Closes and shoes, cosmetics can be purchased at about 20 dollar. Duty-free.

2. Inokashira-dori : 井の頭通り

Recently, the flagship store of fast fasion gathered.
Forever21, H&M, ZARA, Bershka, Gap, etc. there's a shop across the neighborhood.

3. Koen-dori : 公園通り

Opening competition of the cafe is fiecer !
When you tired shopping, if you want to drink well delicious coffee, come to this street.
Cup of coffee about 3 to 6 dollars.

4.Supein-zaka : スペイン坂

Here's similar in atmosphere to Takeshita-dori.
but on the stairs of the 23-stage, Japanese-style meals, Spanish, French, cafes of long-established gather. At about $ 10 in lunch time.

As of 2016.4.10. From time to time update !


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