Tokyo trend:Old folk house Renovation

Old Folk House Renovation is hot trend in Japan.

In Tokyo, the cafes&restaurants, bookfstores was reforming the old houses, has increased.
Those shops, in the city of clean and modern streets, it's unique.

Restaurant "cent-trente-neuf"in Shibuya Udagawa-cho, renovated house in old Japanese wooden.

Store, incorporates a European design. Low ceilings and narrow structure of the Japanese house.
It unique compromise between East and West.

Its a French restaurant, I ate the"Grilled pork loin"at lunch time.
Salad and bread set, about 10 dollar.

I want to introduce a shop that used old Japanese house in the future.





11-2 Udagawacyo Shibuya Tokyo 150-0042
Open : Mon-Sun / am11:45-pm24:00 ( L.O : Food 23:00 / Drink 23:30 )

関連ランキング:カフェ | 渋谷駅神泉駅明治神宮前駅
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