100 Yen Shop : Shopping for $ 1 !

If you have 100 yen, you can buy anything about.

100 Yen Shop commodity prices in the store is 100 yen excluding tax.
Current consumption tax in Japan 8%. So commodity one is 108 yen including tax.

Products are daily necessities, cosmetics, various soap, underwear, interior goods, it's anything.

If you forget having a travel goods, can be quick procurement. and it's the suit that you want to buy Japanese souvenirs.

Photo is Daiso Shibuya. In Shibuya, In addition to the Daiso, there is a CanDo.






Foods : 食品

Junk food : お菓子、日本の駄菓子

Mobile Phone Goods, Charger, Selfie stick : スマートフォン充電器、自撮り棒

Sewing supplies : 裁縫用品

Tableware, Kitchnware : 食器、台所用品

Japanese Pottery : 日本の陶器、瀬戸物

Stationary : 文房具

Interior ( there's some $ 3 items ) :  インテリア雑貨 ( 一部300円商品がある)

Character goods : キャラクターグッズ

Japanese Souvenir : 日本のお土産品



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