Really things to do in shibuya : Trying to feel Tokyo life

Don't you tired ? Famous tourist destination, for example Roppongi, Ginza.

Shopping, and advertising, convenient vending machines, Cheap food, crowds and noise....
When you're sightseeing in Tokyo, don't you have never thought like this,
"Is this the Japanese realistic Life?"

About "Oku-Shibuya"

If you want to experience the realistic life of Tokyo, it's recommended that you sightseeing in Oku-shibu (奥渋)
"奥"means located on a side of the back.

I recommend that start walking from Yoyogi Park Station (代々木公園駅) in Shibuya tourism.
this station near the close tokyo luxury residential area, Kamiyamacho(神山町) Shoto(松濤), Tomigaya(富ヶ谷).
This neighborhood is quiet, has a good sense. Everyone call "Oku-Shibu"

1. Walk the Udagawa promenade

Spend a relaxing time.
Green and the wind feels good.



2. Walking slowly the residential area, while imagine what kind of person is how living.


3. Dlicious coffee and conversation


Photo by Khamis Hammoudeh

4. Look at the town from the back


5. Feel the landscape mixed life and urban development.


6. Find the Japanese-style design


7. have a break at the cafe.
At Okushibu, there are a lot of good atmosphere cafes.


8. Get lost in the forked road.


9. walk to Kamiyama shopping street.

At the mall, eat a meal, buy bread.
It typical japanese lunch format of the meal.

feel realistic life.



shiori sato

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